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What is Baptism?

by Paige Patterson

This publication by Southwestern Seminary President Paige Patterson offers a brief look into the question of baptism. Diving into some of the key Scripture references to baptism in the New Testament, “What is Baptism” examines the mode of baptism as well as the relationship between baptism and salvation.


About the Author

As the eighth president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Paige Patterson has four decades of experience in educating pastors and missionaries. After almost 18 years as president of The Criswell College in Dallas, he served for 11 years as president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, before his decade at Southwestern. Even as a pastor he offered instruction in Greek and biblical studies to his parishioners. The focus of Dr. Patterson’s leadership is an intense commitment to evangelism and the task of global missions with a foundational component of demanding research and rigorous academic preparation.