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Calling Out The Called

by Paige Patterson, Thomas White, and L.R. Scarborough

Do you feel called to Christian ministry? What is a call to Christian ministry?

Whether you have considered this call or not, this book will help you sort through the issues involved. Continuing Southwestern Seminary’s century-long tradition of equipping God-called men and women for ministry service, this booklet challenges people to consider their call to ministry. If you are already serving in ministry, this booklet can help you guide others seeking to determine God’s will and help you “call out the called” in ministries all over the world.

As you read “Calling Out the Called,” you’ll discover the three aspects of the call to ministry, understand the role of seminary in ministry training, and gain wisdom in pastoral ministry. The authors sincerely desire that more young men and women dedicate their lives to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

About the Authors

Authors include Paige Patterson, Thomas White, and L.R. Scarborough.