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Seminary Hill Press (SHP) is the publishing arm of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It upholds Southwestern’s goal to “Preach the Word, Reach the World” by publishing theological books, pamphlets, tracts, and other Christian resources for the edification of God’s people and the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

SHP publishes works by Southwestern faculty and features resources in such areas as evangelism, biblical interpretation, apologetics, and church history. SHP also licenses its products for translation into languages.

Alex Sibley serves as managing editor of SHP and associate director of news and information at Southwestern. He is a Southwestern graduate (Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling, 2016) and regularly contributes articles for Southwestern’s online news stories and quarterly magazine, Southwestern News.

Charles Patrick serves as executive editor of SHP as well as vice president for strategic initiatives and communications at Southwestern.